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If you are looking for the best SEO agency in India, then Rai Infotech is the company to consider. With more than 10 years of experience, we are a leading company providing professional SEO services. We work to increase your online visibility and your ROI too. with the growing digitalization in the nation and across the globe, enterprises now need to strengthen their online presence. With a notable and active digital presence, one can acquire potential leads and grow their business at a rapid speed. With a bad SEO strategy, you might miss out on numerous opportunities that can maximize your revenue. 

According to statistics, 75% of people do not scroll past the search engine’s first page. 93% of all online purchases begin with a search, and every second 67K search queries are run on Google. 58% of these searches are done using a mobile device. These statistics prove the power of SEO for your business. Having a website is not the only need to do online business. One needs to make the website visible and should reach its targeted users too. after you have built your website you should work to reach the first page of the top search engines like Google and Bing.

To do so, there are a lot of steps that need to be followed. We at Rai Infotech provide expert solutions at every step of organic SEO for your business. SEO is the way that search engines would know about your website. With professional white hat SEO techniques according to algorithms used by search engines, we ensure high-quality results within a small period. It is advised to always opt for SEO services that are organic to reach out to targeted customers. Once the website is listed for specific keywords in the top search results of Google then you can gain more leads, traffic, and sales. We at Rai Infotech have expert in-house SEO experts and project managers to help you achieve the best results with SEO. 

Why choose Rai Infotech for your SEO services?

If your web page rankings have been unstable or dropping, then it is a sign that you need to contact an agency like Rai Infotech that can provide you with quality SEO services. Outdated SEO strategies can lead to poor organic search results. Google changes its search algorithms regularly. Search bots or web crawlers regularly check web pages for compliance with updated algorithms. With old techniques and pages that are not updated regularly, your website can be missing a lot of opportunities. We offer the best in class SEO services globally and have the latest knowledge and experience to push up your web presence. 


If you have a new website, then working with an SEO expert like Rai Infotech becomes crucial to compete with your industry giants. We help your website to become findable for search engines. Our SEO strategy is long-sighted and comprehensive to ensure fast and guaranteed results. With our result-oriented techniques, you can get the top position in search engines for targeted keywords. Now is the time to grab the golden opportunity of digitalization and lay the foundation of your online business. With the right SEO partner like Rai Infotech, you just have to watch your business grow and prosper. Our custom-designed SEO packages are suited for businesses of different genres and sizes. Below are the advantages of choosing us:

  • We regularly check for broken links, duplicate content, Google penalties and provide complete website analysis of competitors as well.
  • With on-page SEO we make your website clean and fast loading. 
  • Our expert team of content writers provides premium content for your website and marketing purposes. 
  • We provide complete transparency in our methods of SEO and provide updates that can be checked using our project management tool.
  • We follow White hat SEO techniques, so their completely in adherence to Google’s standards and there are no chances of getting banned or blacklisted.
  • We provide guaranteed high ROI for our business and focus on human-generated organic traffic, sales and leads. 
  • URLs that we create are findable and clear and easy to understand. This ensures better click-through rates. 
  • With the best SEO strategy and indexable content, we ensure that your brand and products reach customers. 
  • We work by understanding our client’s business goals in partnership with them rather than serving as a vendor. 
  • Our several years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers and expert team members is our main advantage over our competitors. 

Get Assured results with Search engine optimization

Our clients are trusting us for the complete and proven results of exceptional SEO services. We are having SEO strategies that are centered on growth. With this, you will surely get strong traffic to your website.

Global SEO services

If you are looking for exploring new geographies and connecting with customers all over the globe, then we are having the best SEO services around the globe. Our SEO expert will build the best strategies for your website.

Local SEO services

We are having the most affordable SEO services for the local SEO services in the world. When you are improving your presence digitally then you can make sure that the conversion levels for your websites will reach maximum.

E-Commerce SEO Services

If you are looking for your website which can progress quickly in eCommerce, then you should consider the high ranking of your website with eCommerce SEO. This can be possible with the advanced and professional SEO services of our company.

Enterprise SEO services

Our company is investing very huge efforts in understanding your website. We are also investing a lot of time in understanding your business goals. Our strategic SEO marketing will take your company to new heights.

SEO for Small business

SMB is also contacting the SEO agency for getting the best SEO company. This SEO will fit rightly in your budget and you will be amazed when you see high visibility and fast growth of your brand.

Online Marketplace SEO service

When you are making use of the greatest strategies and the best practices, then this will help in attracting organic traffic for your company. And we are excelling on the service like online marketplace search engine optimization in the industry.

Why SEO marketing services are integral for your business?

Search engine optimization as opposed to paid marketing is an organic way to get visitors to your website that can turn into paying customers. It is a method that is tested and has a proven track record. It works for any business type or size whether you are a big brand or just a startup. If you want your presence to be noticed in the online world then having an optimized website for search engines is the primary requirement. There are more than 200 lists of criteria according to Google’s algorithm according to which a website is ranked. The team of Rai Infotech remains updated with the latest trends in SEO and constantly uses the best techniques for keyword analysis and SEO. With our proficiency and skills, you can be sure of guaranteed results. Many people consider DIY options for SEO, but seeking professional assistance is required because:


Parameters of search engines keep on changing: One of the main reasons why you should be hiring an expert agency for SEO services is because most search engines constantly update their algorithms of website ranking. SEO is a continuous learning process and a specialized agency can only perform this task. We remain updated with the latest introductions of different search websites. One should remember that search engines expect websites to be at par with their rules and if your website does not match it then it will be ignored. With fast actions, we ensure that the ranking which is achieved for your webpage is maintained and not harmed by any changes in algorithms.

SEO services should focus on your business requirements:

In the digital era, conventional SEO techniques might not work. There are thousands of things and techniques to be considered in SEO marketing. We have a skilled team of professionals that understand your business goals and recommend the best techniques to be used for your website. According to the needs of your brand and website, we may recommend you voice SEO, local SEO, or eCommerce SEO technique. With the changing digital technology, there might be further classifications that might come up in the future. So, choosing a reputed company keeps your business and website in safe hands.

SEO services should be a complete solution:

An agency that has worked with online SEO services is understanding how to approach the full job. It will have the power to audit your site and then analyze the site of a competitor, coming up with the off-page SEO and on-page SEO optimization techniques, research for the appropriate keywords which are customized for the business. Finally, the agency will be working with you and your internal team for evaluating the data which are coming in from the strategy of SEO. This will be fine-tuned and tweaked for the campaign on a progressive basis for continuous rankings and results.   

How do our SEO services work?

Our range of affordable and effective SEO services is not just something that happens by chance. We work by following a long-term strategy to get the best results. Our techniques are constantly evolving according to the metrics of search engines. When working with our SEO professionals you can be sure of a quality result. Our SEO services are not only about adding keywords on a page or about people looking for your website but making relevant traffic reach out to your website. The strategies that we use to make your clicks remain on your page are:

On-page SEO for website optimization

After we get in touch with your website then we do a complete audit of the website including the content and the keywords too. We make sure that your website contains all parameters for on-site optimization properly like Headings, title, URL structure, Page speed, Schema, etc., and a lot more. Our techniques ensure that all the techniques of SEO are implemented properly, and your website performs well across major search engines like Google and Bing. We provide a 360-degree SEO solution to help you improve your sales and rankings as well. 

Keyword research

This plays an important role in the success of your business SEO. We do a complete research of your website to choose the targeted keywords for your website. This is a process essential for growing your website traffic. Knowing about the most relevant terms that customers use to search your business and products or services can help to better target to bring in relevant traffic. For small and medium-sized businesses it is quite critical because you will reach out to a smaller group of targeted audience and so you need a more effective analysis of keywords. Rai Infotech is one of the best SEO service providers and has the expertise to help your business grow with the right keyword strategy.

Link Building

Our range of link-building services guarantees quality backlinks that always work. With this organic SEO practice, we encourage other individuals and websites to create a link for your content, blog, products, podcast, and vlogs. This makes your brand a trusted source for goods, information, or services. We make use of quality content that makes it easier to develop links. With more links that direct people to your content, the more you can influence their purchasing decisions. We make sure that the links we use for your website are of high quality and genuine. We use techniques such as guest posting on popular blogs, broken link building, blog commenting, forum posting, question and answering, social media promotion, and more.

Competitor analysis

Every business has competitors and one needs to outplay them with the help of industry experts. That is why we do a thorough analysis of your competitors to figure out the ways that they use to generate traffic. We check for the keywords that they use and how your competitors are ranking. This helps us make the best strategy to beat them. with the team of Rai Infotech, you need not worry about anything related to online marketing and focus on your day-to-day business activities.

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